We’ve searched the world of performance to find additives that are as energizing as they are nutritious, delivering a boost of wellness to the most popular beverage in the world.

Drink The Good Stuff.

L-Theanine promotes focus

This powerful amino acid derived from green tea extract boosts calming brain chemicals that promote relaxation and reduce stress. Paired with caffeine, L-Theanine can improve focus and cognitive function, while its antioxidant properties help strengthen your immune system.

MCT powder improves metabolism

MCT delivers collagen peptides that protect your skin and bones, while boosting your metabolism and helping you burn fat. And because this super fuel enters your cells fast, you get an immediate source of energy that powers your brain and your body.

Collagen supports skin health

Collagen peptides help protect your skin, bones, gut and hair, all while supporting joint mobility and reducing inflammation.

Cinnamon supports joint health

With powerful medicinal properties, Ceylon Cinnamon is so much more than a delicious spice: it’s loaded with antioxidants that can help to reduce inflammation and support healthy joints.

Himalayan Pink Salt provides electrolytes

Himalayan Pink Salt reduces coffee’s natural acidity. And by aiding in the maintenance of the proper balance of fluid in your body, it helps you stay hydrated and fight dehydration.

Roasted to maintain the highest antioxidant content so you can make the good for you choice, the easy yes.