Subscription Whole Bean Coffee (2 bags) + The Good Stuff (30 packets)

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Coffee For Wellness whole bean coffee is our signature, high-quality coffee blend, and is meant for each cup to be paired with a packet of The Good Stuff—a mix of powerful superfoods and adaptogens that can help your body naturally reduce stress, resist fatigue and improve cognitive function. This item is a recurring monthly membership subscription of two 12 oz bags of whole bean coffee and 30 packets of The Good Stuff.

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We are excited to now offer you Phil’s favorite coffee. You can turn coffee from a guilty pleasure … to the foundation of your health and wellness.

Phil believes we must be accountable for our own health, and Coffee for Wellness™ is the perfect way to start. Simply sign up for a monthly membership subscription. To help you see a daily reminder, Phil is giving the first 10,000 subscribers, to any subscription item, a free Coffee for Wellness™ tumbler (color and size vary based on availability) with your first month’s shipment. 

You will receive two 12oz bags of whole bean coffee plus 30 packets of The Good Stuff each month.

We believe you will love it, but – if not – you may cancel at any time after the first month.

Coffee Details

The Roast:
An exceptionally high-quality coffee blend, roasted to preserve coffee’s natural antioxidants to help you reduce stress, resist fatigue, and improve cognitive function and performance.

The Taste:
Our team has crafted this medium roast coffee to bring out flavors of sweet maple syrup with notes of blackberry jam. This coffee offers a full round body with orange acidity and a crisp finish. This coffee has been created without any additives or flavor enhancements.

We recommend 2 tbsp (10 g) of freshly ground coffee for every 6 fl. oz. (180 mL) of water. Keep this proportion consistent no matter how much you’re brewing. For example, if you want to brew a smaller amount, use 1g of coffee per 18g of water. If the results are ever too strong for your taste, add hot water to your brewed coffee before mixing in The Good Stuff. Store your unused coffee in a cool, dry place.

The Source:
Intentionally crop-to-cup coffee, Coffee for Wellness is ethically and sustainably sourced from farmers in Africa and South America.

The Good Stuff

Our proprietary blend of L-Theanine, C-8 MCT powder, collagen peptides, Ceylon Cinnamon, and Himalayan Pink Salt.